Can Secondary Cities Ever Surpass Gateway Cities?

One of the most significant megatrends in the real estate market is property investment in gateway cities. Today’s smart investors are looking for opportunities that translate to long-term returns and, as has been demonstrated in the past, investing in gateway cities can be ideal investment opportunity. Gateway markets are highly-coveted destinations, such as New York, [...]

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Gender Equality and International Development

The statistics are staggering. According to USAID, globally, nearly 98 million girls are not in school. A more recent UNESCO report puts the number closer to 130 million, which is both good and bad, because while it could mean that more girls “count”--it’s also millions more who are not being educated. In the developing world, [...]

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Why Creative, Flexible Spaces are the Future of Financial Firms (and All Companies)

There’s something about concrete floors, unfinished ceilings, and unfurnished office spaces that excites millennials. My guess is that moving into these blank slates gives tenants the option to personalize and design their offices on their own terms. After all, necessity is the mother of invention. Creativity begins from the moment they move into their new [...]

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Why I Support the AHRC

In my mind, you can tell a lot about a society by how it treats the most vulnerable among them, including the elderly, the poor, and those with the misfortune to be born with developmental disabilities. Though there has been a lot of progress made in recent years, most specifically the Americans with Disabilities Act [...]

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