Breaking into Real Estate: A Career Guide

Sometimes, the first step is the hardest. That’s true for a number of industries, from entertainment to real estate; after all, getting in with little experience is a daunting, difficult task. With that being said, however, it can be done. A few years ago, I had the privilege of sitting down to a talk with [...]

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Lessons Small Businesses Can Learn from Real Estate Failures

Cities are natural hubs of entrepreneurial activity. While each urban area has its own culture and personality, a frenetic hubbub of creative energy and innovative thought is common to them all. The organic collision of people and ideas that takes place whenever people live in close proximity makes cities natural incubators for entrepreneurial thought and [...]

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4 Ways Real Estate Allows Small Businesses to Create Healthier Workspaces

The intimate collaboration that embodies small business teamwork often helps sustain a healthy workplace atmosphere. Whether it’s open office design or building safety, modern commercial real estate trends are helping to put emphasis on the quest for healthier and happier workspaces. The built environment is particularly important to support positive ways in which employees communicate, [...]

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4 Lessons Small Business Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Market Vendors

  Historically, public markets have been a way for small businesses to thrive, especially in gateway cities. What’s the secret to running a successful business at a lively market, and how does this apply to small business owners in other industries? Small business owners can learn four essential business strategies from market vendors' unique roles: 1. Differentiate [...]

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How to Break Into the Real Estate Market

Breaking into the real estate market  is in many ways like starting any business.  The first step is to educate yourself about the industry, think about what assets you can contribute and then decide how big a leap you want to make. There are multiple approaches to real estate investment ranging from being “the money [...]

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U.S. Gateway Markets in 2017: New York, San Francisco, Boston, and Los Angeles Are the Gates Open?

2017 was a wild ride on many fronts in the U.S. Between natural disasters, political upheaval and the ongoing influence of, and discourse about, social media there were days when it seemed the very landscape of the country was wobbling under our feet. But, in the midst of this, the economy did well -- as [...]

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Charitable Donations: The Gifts that Keeps on Giving

This is the season of giving. Gifts pile up under trees, are exchanged during Hanukkah celebrations and given to close friends and family over the feasts of Diwali. Anyone who’s ever given a gift to a loved one, and seen that person light up with joy, knows that it’s as rewarding to give as it [...]

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Can Secondary Cities Ever Surpass Gateway Cities?

One of the most significant megatrends in the real estate market is property investment in gateway cities. Today’s smart investors are looking for opportunities that translate to long-term returns and, as has been demonstrated in the past, investing in gateway cities can be ideal investment opportunity. Gateway markets are highly-coveted destinations, such as New York, [...]

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Gender Equality and International Development

The statistics are staggering. According to USAID, globally, nearly 98 million girls are not in school. A more recent UNESCO report puts the number closer to 130 million, which is both good and bad, because while it could mean that more girls “count”--it’s also millions more who are not being educated. In the developing world, [...]

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