Lessons Small Businesses Can Learn from Real Estate Failures

Cities are natural hubs of entrepreneurial activity. While each urban area has its own culture and personality, a frenetic hubbub of creative energy and innovative thought is common to them all. The organic collision of people and ideas that takes place whenever people live in close proximity makes cities natural incubators for entrepreneurial thought and [...]

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4 Lessons Small Business Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Market Vendors

  Historically, public markets have been a way for small businesses to thrive, especially in gateway cities. What’s the secret to running a successful business at a lively market, and how does this apply to small business owners in other industries? Small business owners can learn four essential business strategies from market vendors' unique roles: 1. Differentiate [...]

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How to Break Into the Real Estate Market

Breaking into the real estate market  is in many ways like starting any business.  The first step is to educate yourself about the industry, think about what assets you can contribute and then decide how big a leap you want to make. There are multiple approaches to real estate investment ranging from being “the money [...]

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Can Secondary Cities Ever Surpass Gateway Cities?

One of the most significant megatrends in the real estate market is property investment in gateway cities. Today’s smart investors are looking for opportunities that translate to long-term returns and, as has been demonstrated in the past, investing in gateway cities can be ideal investment opportunity. Gateway markets are highly-coveted destinations, such as New York, [...]

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Real Estate Lessons from…Monopoly

Developed at the height of the Great Depression by a committed socialist, Monopoly is an unlikely success--and perhaps not at all what its creator intended. Nonetheless, Monopoly has become one of the most successful board games in history: as of 2010, the game sold some 247 million sets across 114 countries, and was produced in [...]

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Why Creative, Flexible Spaces are the Future of Financial Firms (and All Companies)

There’s something about concrete floors, unfinished ceilings, and unfurnished office spaces that excites millennials. My guess is that moving into these blank slates gives tenants the option to personalize and design their offices on their own terms. After all, necessity is the mother of invention. Creativity begins from the moment they move into their new [...]

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The Changing Face of the 10-Year Commercial Lease

To hear investors and landlords alike, it appears that the ten year commercial lease is done with–the latest victim of our disruptive digital age. Today, the argument goes, the ten year commercial lease has been killed by recent trends in the marketplace–specifically by startups and tech companies seeking shorter, more transient lease terms. But that’s [...]

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The Case for Gateway Markets

To paraphrase Bob Dylan, the times are changing, and fast. In light of economic disruption, such as the Great Recession of 2008 and the rapid growth of startups in unlikely places, it’s easy to think that the economic center of gravity has shifted from the coastal metropolises of the United States to inland cities. It’s [...]

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